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Appetizers, Snack

Basic(no skill needed) Zucchini Roll

A zucchini-flecked roll stuffed with a creamy and lightly spicy filling is a perfect summer snack. These oven-backed zucchini roll is simple and easy to make. They require no more time of preparation and are so delicious you’ll be tempted to eat the whole plate on your own! . Tender and juicy zucchini roll melts in your mouth .You can surprise and please for your loves one with this yummy and beautifully decorated zucchini roll.

Dinner, Snack

Zucchini Noodles With Mushrooms

Whether you’re gluten intolerant or are cutting back on gluten for weight loss, zucchini noodles are the best guilt free way to enjoy your favorite pasta dishes. They’re quick and easy to make, plus they have the essential vitamins and nutrients your body needs for optimal health.


Baked Salmon In Foil with Vegetables

Baked salmon in foil with a vegetables is the easiest way to cook salmon in the oven. This gorgeous salmon steak are seasoned with fresh garlic, black pepper,topped with capers , sliced tomato,onion and lemon. This meal is so colorful, and it looks so fancy and tastes amazing! Personally[….]