I love flowers too! But cooking is my ultimate passion.

Hi, there!

My name is Elena Voynova and I love cooking. Cooking is my passion!

I enjoy trying out new recipes and accidentally creating my own while having flour all over the kitchen and the milk boiling over onto the stove (well, sometimes things don’t go according to plan… 😅)

In short, I love to see my kids and friends enjoy the food I’ve just prepared. But even more, I love to share these recipes with YOU!

My grandma taught me how to make pies, cookies, and delicious meals that my entire family was anxious to enjoy after a long day of work. Nanna put a lot of effort into me. She shared a bunch of secret recipes that date back to her own grandmother (exciting, I know! 😺)

I remember my first dish…

I was a child and my granny taught me how to cook traditional Russian pies.

How was she able to do it? You’d ask. The little secret is that the recipes she taught me were dead simple. Even I, as a child, could copy them (with a little assistance of course 😋). That’s where I come into play in your life too!

By following my blog you can learn how to create the exact same simple recipes that I prepare daily for my family. They not only enjoy them, but they’re also desperate for more!

What else can I share with you about myself?

I have two sons that are now full-grown men and a beautiful daughter-in-law that I consider one of my own ❤.


This is a personal website and all of the recipes are tested and approved by my family. Yeah! As much as they love me, they are also used to tasting exceptionally delicious food way too often 😷…

I hope you enjoy my blog. It’s filled with easy to follow recipes that include step-by-step photos and ingredient lists (who am I kidding you’ve seen one already… didn’t you? 👀).

Be careful! These recipes might just turn out to be your family favorites as well!

Now, go here and find a dish you’d love to surprise your family with today as well. ❤